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The Patchwork Heart: Finding the Courage to Love Again

a transformative healing process ~ healing the world one heart at a time




















No matter our path, no matter our past, our hearts bear many scars. These wounds have various causes – from trauma and betrayal to the natural cycles of life and loss – of a loved one, a job, a relationship, our expectations, our youth, or even ourselves – the times we’ve swallowed our truth, given away our power, or rejected our own needs or emotions as either unacceptable or unsafe. With each experience we are unable to process and release, we take a step away from our hearts, from the pain of the newly formed scar. Yet as those who’ve walked this path know, the road home lies through these wounds – learning to love ourselves again, to accept ourselves, blemishes and all, and to discover grace and gratitude as we begin to offer our gifts in service to the world.

Based on one woman’s journey of healing, The Patchwork Heart invites participants to come together in a safe, sacred space to gently and lovingly peel back these bandages, to look with clarity, love and acceptance at the wounds within, and to begin their true healing. As we open our hearts, we learn to let go of suffering and to grasp the joy and power of our co-creative potential, with gratitude for the learning and blessings of our past, present, and future.

Begin the path of The Patchwork Heart: Healing the world one heart at a time.

The Patchwork Heart healing process includes:

- Pre-workshop self-guided inner exploration materials
and optional preparatory activity
- One day group workshop (potluck luncheon)
- 21-day personal daily healing practice, including daily distance Reiki
- 24/7 online private participant forum
- 3 weekly online 90-minute group discussions
- closing celebratory circle: sharing stories and experiences

SLIDING SCALE: $111-$333
(10% discount if paid in full by early deadline;
Payment plans available)
(Pre-registration required)

For dates, please check our Calendar.
To register or to book this workshop in your area, contact Mary.

Sometimes we think – we hope – we’ve healed all our wounds, but conditions in our lives hint otherwise. Too often, we’ve simply taped up our wounds and bravely gone on without ever allowing ourselves to really feel them or to process them in truly healing ways. And sometimes, when our losses have been greater than we thought we could bear, we’ve simply turned our emotions off and gone numb. This may seem like it works in the short-term, but in the long-term we realize something is off – something isn’t working – and we’re increasingly aware it may be something inside ourselves.

Some signs that we may have lost touch with our hearts:

  • feeling distant – out of touch with our work, our surroundings, or our relationships
  • not knowing ourselves – our likes, our goals, our gifts – what we can bring to life when we’re fully present in our hearts
  • looking at others who seem to have it all together, to see their way clearly, and wishing our lives felt like that
  • those doing inner/spiritual work may feel frustrated, wondering why they’re not getting better, not being healed, or not feeling at peace inside
  • our Outer Child may act out in the worst possible times and places, as children sometimes do, as our emotions swing widely between expansion and contraction. After all, our hearts WANT out – and they’ll do whatever they have to to get our attention, to get us to help them, to free them – to allow them to love again
Mary Batson is a speaker, a storyteller, a bridge builder, and a big fan of apple butter. While learning to fly, this barnstormer-in-training finally spread her wings and now serves others as they do the same. Her book Going Home, a finding-myself journey of spirituality with a homespun twist, is due out in December 2012: just in time for the party.

Mary tells stories about grandmas and fresh biscuits and rocking chairs and talking trees, tales that remind us of home and hope. Based on her own healing journey, this flygirl also tells stories about finding ourselves, finding others, and finding Spirit, and offers a series of talks, workshops, and performances based on these themes. Come on by Gran’s front porch – they love company!

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