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Mary is available for readings and to lead discussion groups, workshops, and women’s circles throughout the year. Themes include the below topics, thriving amidst waves of change, cultivating one's individual spirituality, tapping inner wisdom, and more. Does something resonate? Drop us a line.

Never Forget Your Dreams!
You don't need permission. You've been given a mandate. Variable format.

Gran's Guidelines for Going Home
Sooner or later, we all want to go home. What does this mean on a personal level - and how does one find this place, this peace? Variable format.

Time to Fly: Birthing a New You
When life puts the squeeze on you, it's time to start breathing! Variable format.

The Patchwork Heart:
Finding the Courage to Love (Yourself) Again

A twenty-one day transformational healing process. (Details)

Wisdom of the Grandmothers:
Unleashing the Storyteller Within

Writing/journaling. Channeling the voice of your wiser self. Preferred format: Minimum three meetings, weekly or monthly.

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