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          Going Home   
"Sooner or later, we all want to go home. At least that's what my grandma says..." Sometimes we learn life's biggest lessons in unexpected places. Welcome to Gran's front porch. Mikey's first lesson: Going Home.
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          In the Works
Gran's Big Book of Short Stories
        Sneak Peek: Dance Like A Stone
From "Dance Like A Stone" and "Family Tree" to "Little Pinecone" and "Wildflowers", this storybook for grown-ups is a collection of Gran's most beloved tales. Treat yourself to a little bedtime magic and watch your dreams follow along.

         In the Works
The Patchwork Heart: Finding the Courage to Love Again

When your heart has turned to stone, how can you begin the healing journey? Author Mary Batson shares her story and invites you to begin this deeply personal quest to call your heart home.     (Workshop format available.)
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